• Heralded as "The Champion of Bass Trombone Music" by the ABRSM (Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music)
  • "Trilogy For Bass Trombone" was chosen for the Australian National Band Championships as the Open Bass Trombone Test Piece for 2020
  • Finished six new orchestra compositions (listen on SoundCloud)
  • "Ten Impromptus For Bass Trombone And Piano" (purchase on Amazon)
  • Two new works for jazz ensemble - "Mystical Miranda" and "Suite Blues For Bluebelle" - purchase at E-jazz Lines/Walrus Publications.
  • "Starscape" used as bumper on "Coast To Coast" radio with George Noory
  • New York studio musicican, Jack Schatz, to perform "Trilogy" this year.
  • Now accepting commissions for 2022 - contact Tom




Composer / Author

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NEW for 2022


Lively Bossa Nova for bass trombone and piano; great for any performance setting.

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(all written for bass trombone and piano)

Thematic Catalog


  • "All By Myself" 1975 
  • "The Man I Love" (Vocal Solo and Orchestra) 1984 
  • "Night Time Magic" (written for Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Bros., Orchestra) 1985 
  • "The Man I Love" (vocal) 1986 
  • "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (written for Tony Bennett, Woodwind parts for Robert Farnon) 1986 
  • "Huggin' and a Chalkin'" (written for Richard Carpenter, Orchestra) 1986 
  • "A Spoonful Of Disney" (written for Richard Carpenter, Piano and Orchestra) 1987 
  • "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (written for Richard Carpenter, Piano and Orchestra) 1987 
  • "In The Summertime" (written for Roger Miller, Orchestra) 1988 
  • "The Wind Beneath My Wings" (written for Lee Greenwood, Orchestra) 1988 
  • "West Side Story" (written for Richard Stoltzman-clarinet, Orchestra) 1988 
  • "Every Christmas" (written for Gary Morris, Orchestra) 1988 
  • "I Don't Mind The Thorns" (written for Lee Greenwood, Orchestra) 1990 
  • "I O U" (written for Lee Greenwood, Orchestra) 1990 
  • "She's Lying" (written for Lee Greenwood, Orchestra) 1990 
  • "Manteco" (written for Percussive Arts Society, Orchestra) 1990 
  • "Forty Second St." (written for Melba Moore, Orchestra) 1991 
  • "I Got Love/Purlie" (written for Melba Moore, Orchestra) 1991 
  • "The Entertainer" (written for Dino, Orchestra) 1991 
  • "New York, NY" (written for Dino, Orchestra) 1991 
  • "Between A Rock and A Heartache" (written for Lee Greenwood, Orchestra) 1993 
  • "Bumble Boogie" (written for Arthur Abadi-piano, Orchestra) 1993 
  • "Love Child" (written for Mary Wilson, Orchestra) 1993 
  • "My World" (written for Mary Wilson, Orchestra) 1993 
  • "Overture/Tequila" (written for Lee Greenwood, Orchestra) 1993 
  • "I'll Walk Alone" (Soprano Solo and Orchestra) 1994 
  • "Holiday For Strings" -Recorded 1994 - CD; We Remember, USAF Band -Recorded 1999 - CD; Remembering Glenn Miller AAF Orchestra, USAF Band  1994 
  • "A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening" (Vocal Sop. Solo and Orchestra)-Recorded 1994 - CD; We Remember, USAF Band-Produced - NPR Radio  1994 
  • "With My Head In The Clouds" (Male Vocal Quartet and Orchestra) 1994 
  • "Long Ago and Far Away" (Vocal Solo, Orchestra, see under year 2006) 1994 
  • "Crying My Heart Over You" (written for Ricky Skaggs, Orchestra) 1994 
  • "Heartbroke" (written for Ricky Skaggs, Orchestra) 1994 
  • "I Belong To Him" (written for Jesse Colter, Orchestra) 1995 
  • "Tennessee Saturday Night" (written for Roy Clark, Orchestra) 1996 
  • "Under The Double Eagle" (written for Roy Clark-guitar solo, Orchestra) 1996 
  • "Where Could I Go" (written for Roy Clark, Orchestra) 1996 
  • "Beyond The Call" (Helen Reddy - Constitution Hall, Washington, DC) 1997 
  • "It Was A Very Good Year" (written for Leslie Uggams, Orchestra)1997 
  • "People" (written for Leslie Uggams, Orchestra) 1997 
  • "Ooo Baby Baby" (written for The Miracles, Orchestra) 1997 
  • "Sea Of Heartbreak" (written for Roy Clark, Orchestra) 1997 
  • "The Supers" - extended (Commissioned, American Festival Chorus and Orchestra, Utah, Chorus, Orchestra) 2013 
  • "The First Noel" (3 Voices-SAB and String Orchestra) 2013 
  • "Reflections From The Milky Way" (for bass trombone and orchestra) 2016  
  • "Dance Of The Lycans" (Symphonic Orchestra - part of "Trilogy Of The The Dark Deeds") 2019 
  • "Prelude To The Interstellar Man" (Symphonic Orchestra) 2019 
  • "From The Eyes Of Eagles" (Symphonic Orchestra) 2019 
  • “The Nebula Experiment” (Symphonic Orchestra) 2019 
  • “Prelude to the Interstellar Man” (Symphonic Orchestra) 2019
  • "Waltz Of The Vampyre : theme & var." (Symphonic Orchestra - part of "Trilogy Of The The Dark Deeds") 2019
  • "The Phantom's Lost Love"  (Symphonic Orchestra - part of "Trilogy Of The The Dark Deeds") 2019


  • "A Christmas Carol" (Chorus and Hand Bells) 1977 
  • "A Christmas Medley" (Concert Band, WGN TV, Chicago) 1977 
  • "Manhattan Skyline" (Concert Band, US Olympic Headquarters, Colorado Springs, CO) 1980 
  • "This Could Be The Start of Something Big" (Concert Band) 1980 
  • "Football Hero-Take Me Out To The Ball Game" (Concert Band, US Olympic Headquarters, Colorado Springs, CO) 1981 
  • "Alamuhan" (a Cappella SATB Choir, China Tour, USAF Singing Sergeants) 1984 
  • "Meeting At The Carnival" (a Cappella SATB Choir, China Tour, USAF Singing Sergeants) 1984 
  • "Love Song of the Grasslands" (a Cappella SATB Choir, China Tour, USAF Singing Sergeants) 1984 
  • "Inno Olimpico" (Concert Band) P/Hal Leonard 1984 
  • "The Lord's Prayer" (Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir)  Recorded 1985 - Album; American Tribute, CBS Masterworks 1985 
  • "West Side Story" (Vocal Duet and Concert Band) 1986 
  • "Chinese Symphony" (Concert Band, China Tour, USAF Band) 1986 
  • "Moon Mirrored On The Water" (Violin Solo and Concert Band, China Tour, USAF Band) 1986 
  • "Suite Baby James" (Medley of James Taylor Hits, Vocal Solo, Concert Band) 1986 
  • "There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Mezzo" (Medley of Gilbert and Sullivan, Vocal Solo and Concert Band) 1987 
  • "Trilogy For Bass Trombone and Wind Ensemble" (Commissioned, Illinois Wesleyan University) 1988 
  • "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (written for Loretta Lynn, Concert Band) 1989 
  • "Flight Of The Bumblebee" (Trpt. Solo and Concert Band) 1989 
  • "Nashville Memories" (written for Ralph Emery, Chorus,Concert Band) 1989 
  • "Country Christmas" (written for Loretta Lynn, Concert Band) 1989 
  • "Lucia Da Lammermoor" (Vocal-Tenor Solo and Concert Band) 1990 
  • "To Be An American" (Chorus and Concert Band) 1991 
  • "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free" (written for Billy Taylor, Chorus) 1992 
  • "Christmas Cards From Alfred Burt" (Chorus and Concert Band) 1992 
  • "Gesu Bambino" (Concert Band) 1992 
  • "Concerto For Horn" Op 8, 1st Mov-Strauss (Concert Band, French Horn) 1992 
  • "You're Gonna Hear From Me" (Chorus-a Cappella) 1992 
  • "March With Mancini" (written for Henry Mancini, Concert Band) 1992 
  • "Vivat Bacchus" (Vocal Duet and Concert Band) 1993 
  • "The Merry Christmas Polka" (Vocal Solo and Concert Band) 1993 
  • "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" (Chorus and Concert Band) 1993 
  • "Singing Is Like Make Believe" (Medley of Rosemary Clooney Hits, Vocal Solo and Concert Band) 1993 
  • "Screen Gems From Disney" (Medley-Chorus and concert Band) 1993 
  • "Home At Christmas" (Chorus and Concert Band) 1993 
  • "A Country Christmas" (Vocal Mixed Quartet and Concert Band) 1993 
  • "White Christmas/Somewhere in My Memory" (Choir and Concert Band, USAF Band and Singing Sergeants)-Recorded 2006 - CD; Christmas On Stage and Screen, USAF Band 1995 
  • "Silver Bells" (Hand Bell Choir and Concert Band) 
  • -Recorded 2006 - CD; Christmas On Stage and Screen, USAF Band) 1995 
  • "Armed Services Medley" (Chorus and Concert Band) 1996 
  • "The Audition" (Vocal Solo and Concert Band) 
  • "Fanfare For The Commonwealth" (Commissioned, Massaponax, VA HS Band) 2004 
  • "Concerto For Bass Trombone and Wind Ensemble" US premiere, Carnegie Hall, NY, Northampton Orchestral Winds 2008 
  • "Bithiah’s Odyssey" (symphonic band) 2019  


  • "Panorama" 1974 
  • "Nebula I" 1976 
  • "Santia" 1978 
  • "Catalina Shuffle" 1978 
  • "Winky's Waltz" 1978 
  • "Scenic Route" 1979 
  • “Eye of the Sphinx”  (2008 CD;Visiting Old Friends / 1996 BBC 1st Place Big Band Competition Award/Doncaster Orchestra) 1979
  • "Just The Way You Are" (Vocal Solo and Jazz Ensemble) Album; Aim High, AF Band of the West -Recorded 1980 - Album; Music Reserved For You, USAFR Band 1980 
  • "Calista" guitar solo 1980 
  • "Song For Rachel" CD; Swing Street Live at the Elsinore, Glenn Tadina Big Band / P/Walrus Music 1980 
  • "This Day Gone By" 1980 P/Walrus Music / Album; Illinois Wesleyan University Jazz 
  • "Black Crystal" P/Walrus Music / CD;Visiting Old Friends CD / 1981 NAJE Award Winner 1981 
  • "JimJams" P/Walrus Music 1982 
  • "White Fawn" (flute duet) P/Walrus Music / CD;Visiting Old Friends 1982 
  • "Summer Dusk" P/Pikes Peak 1983 
  • "Jubilee" (commissioned, written for Bobby McFerrin, Jazz Ensemble, University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival) 1983 
  • "So In Love" (commissioned, written for Anne Marie Moss, Jazz Ensemble, University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival)1984 
  • "The Lonely Immortal" Tenor Sax Solo / P/Columbia Pictures /CD;Visiting Old Friends 1984 
  • "My Search For Love" CD; Visiting Old Friends / Album; Zoot Suit, Lou Fischer Big Band / P/Walrus Music 1986 
  • "The Never-ending, Ending Blues" CD; Visiting Old Friends / CD; Discover The Spirit, Doncaster Jazz Orchestra / CD; Changes, USAF Air Mobility Command Band / Album; The Never Ending Blues, Lou Fischer Big Band / P/Walrus Music 1986 
  • "Lovin' You" (written for The Four Freshmen, Jazz Ensemble) 1987 
  • "Johnny One Note-One Note Samba" (Vocal Solo and Jazz Ensemble) Album; 505th AF Band) 1989 
  • "The Greatest Love" 1989 
  • "A Note For Bill" (Trombone Solo, Jazz Orchestra) P/Walrus Music 1995 
  • "Standing In The Shadows of Giants" 
  • "Alien Blue" P/Walrus Music 2007 
  • "Braziliana" P/Walrus Music 2007 
  • "Suburban Spin" P/Walrus Music 2007 
  • "Samba de Feroz" 2008 
  • "Starscape" CD; Flight of Fancy, Doncaster Jazz Orchestra / Album; Zoot Suit, Lou Fischer Big Band / CD; Visiting Old Friends 2008 
  • "For Dee" Commissioned, Chillocothe, IL HS Jazz Band / P/Walrus Music 2008 
  • "Once Around The Track At Camptown" 2009 
  • "She's Always There For Me"  Trombone Solo 2019
  • "To The Root"  2019
  • "Suite Blues For Bluebelle"  2019
  • "Mystical Miranda" 2020


  • "A Bit of Beatles" (Woodwind Quintet) 1983 
  • "The Mime" (Woodwind Quintet) 1983 
  • "Comrades Absent" (music only, text by Robert J. Smith, Small Choir, 2 French Horns, Bass, Piano, Snare Drum and Tympani) Recorded 1983 
  • "Tiger Rag" (commissioned, written for Walt Disney World, Small Ensemble) 1983 
  • "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines" (Brass Quintet) 1983 
  • "Simple Gifts" (Woodwind and Brass Quintets and Harp) 1986 
  • "Brass Is Beautiful When It's Blue" (Medley-Brass Quintet) 1988 
  • "My Friend George" (Gershwin Medley, Brass Quintet)  Recorded 1992 - CD; USAF Brass Quintet 1986 
  • "Come, Come Ye Saints" (Youth Choir-SAT and Piano) 1986 
  • "Brass Is Beautiful When It's Blue" (Medley-Brass Quintet) 1988 
  • "Fanfare and Processionals" (Brass Quintet) 1988 
  • "Trilogy For Bass Trombone and Piano" (Commissioned, Illinois Wesleyan University) P/Warwick Music-2004 ITA Donald Yaxley Award - 1st place performance, Michael J. Brown -Recorded 2007 - CD; Moving On, Birmingham Conservatoire, Warwick Music) 1988 
  • "Ebonairs" (Commissioned, Medley of African American Composers, Brass Quintet, Robert Mesite, Prince William Symphony, VA) 1991 
  • "I Heard Him Come" (Woodwind Quintet)-Ensign Magazine Award Winner 1991 
  • "West Side Story" (Vocal Duet and Piano) 1991 
  • "Sleeping Infant, Unaware" (Small Chorus and Piano) P/Jackman Music 1991 
  • "Prologue" (Vocal Duet 1991 
  • "Christmas Warmth" (Small Chorus and Piano) P/Jackman Music 1992 
  • "Lights, Curtain, Webber" (Brass Quintet medley of Andrew Lloyd Webber hits) 1993 
  • "Love One Another" (String Quartet) 1993 
  • "Be Still, My Soul" (SATB Small Choir and Piano) 1994 
  • "Suite of Colour for Bass Trombone, Percussion and Piano" (Commissioned, Steve Norrell, NY Metropolitan Opera Orchestra) P/Warwick Music 1994 
  • "Scenes for Bass Trombone and Piano" P/Warwick Music (5 movements)-US premiere, Martin McCain at The University of Kentucky, 2012-European premiere, Jon Warburton, England) Special Performance - 2013 Great American Brass Band Festival, Danville, KY 1994 
  • "As The Shadows Fall" (Brass Quintet,Percussion and Harp) 2004 
  • "Italian Opera Aria For Brass Quintet" (Commissioned, Mark McConnell, Atlanta Opera Orchestra) 2004 
  • "Furiant" (Bass Trombone and Piano (Commissioned, Jon Warburton, England) P/Warwick Music-Recorded 2007 - CD; Moving On, Jon Warburton, Birmingham Conservatoire, Warwick Music 2004 
  • "Dare To Do Right" (Violin and Piano) 2005 
  • "Dearest Children, God Is With You" (Violin and Piano) 2005 
  • "Keys To Happiness" (Piano Book of 14 Hymns/Children Songs-Iron Rod; Family; Spirit of God; Men Are That they Might Have Joy; Popcorn Popping; Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?; It's autumn Time; Once There Was A Snowman; Praise To The Man; Do As I'm Doing; Be Still, My Soul; Come, Come, Ye Saints; The 4th Article of Faith; God Be with You Till We Meet Again/Where Can I turn for Peace?)-Recorded 2005 - CD; Keys To Happiness, Tom Dossett) 2005 
  • "Amazing Grace" (2 Violins and Piano) 2005 
  • "What Child Is This" (2 Violins and Piano) 2006 
  • "Hey, Look Me Over" (Nauvoo Band, IL-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) 2007 
  • "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" (Nauvoo Band, IL-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) 2007 
  • "Carrousel Song" (Bass Trombone and Piano, premiered 2010 Eastern Trombone Workshop, Washington, DC) P/Warwick Music 2007 
  • "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" (Violin and Piano) P/Jackman Music 2008 
  • "Suite for Basset Hound" (Small Jazz Ensemble) P/Warwick Music 
  • -Recorded 2008 - CD; Visiting Old Friends 2008 
  • "It's 1958" (Commissioned, Sam Houston State University, Brass Ensemble) 2008
  • "Mamba Dance" (Bass Trombone and Piano) P/Warwick Music 2008 
  • "Hyper 1" (Commissioned, Jonathan Warburton, Bass Trombone and Piano) P/Warwick Music 2008 
  • "O Holy Night" (2 Violins and Piano) 2009 
  • "O Holy Night" (Voice-Soprano, Cello and Piano) 2009 
  • "The First Noel" (Voice-Soprano, Cello and Piano) 2009 
  • "Victoria's Lullaby" (Flute and Piano) P/Warwick Music 2009 
  • "Three Cups of Life" (Bass Trombone/Cello and Piano) P/Warwick Music 2009 
  • "Spies and Villains-Phantasie for Bass Trombone and Piano" P/Warwick Music-European premiere by Jon Warburton, National British Trombone Society, Cardiff, Wales-US premiere by Matthew Guilford, National Symphony Orchestra) 2009 
  • "I'm No Clark Kent, Baby" (Small Jazz Ensemble) P/Walrus Music 2012 
  • "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" (Large Choir, Violin, Piano) 2012 
  • "Where Love Is" (Violin and Piano) 2013 
  • "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" (Trombone Quartet) 2013 
  • "The Supers" (Commissioned, Utah State University, medley of super hero themes, 4 singers, small ensemble) 2013 
  • "Enemy Approaching" (Small Jazz Ensemble) P/Walrus Music 2014 
  • "He Is Risen" (3 voices, SAB and Piano) 2014 
  • "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" (Nauvoo Band, IL-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) 2014 
  • "Turkey In The Straw" (Nauvoo Band, IL-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) 2014 
  • “Cylindrical Prisms for Contra Bass Trombone and Piano"  commissioned by Dr. Eric High, St. Norbert College 2017 
  • “Ten Impromptus For Bass Trombone and Piano” 2019 
  • “Novita” trombone quartet 2019 
  • “The Music Of Star Trek” trombone quartet 2019 
  • “Time After Time” trombone quartet 2019 
  • “Li ming’s Lament” bass trombone and piano 2019 
  • “I Am A Child Of God” (piano solo) 2019
  • “My Bestest Friend Is Jesus”  primary hymn 2019 
  • "Brainy's Stuff"  jazz combo-flt., tenor sax, trbn. rhythm 2019
  • "Novita" bass trombone and piano 2021
  • "Waltz In Blue Flat"  bass trombone and piano 2021
  • "Summertime" bass trombone and piano (Gershwin arr.) 2021
  • "Slide Ruler" bass trombone and piano (2021)


  • "Team Up, America" (Television/Radio - NBC-”Real People” / US Olympics Theme-PSA) / US Olympic Award for Outstanding Contribution, Colorado Springs, CO 1981 
  • “Commitment To Excellence" (USAF Academy Film Production) 1981 
  • "Background Music" (American Red Cross, Constitution Hall, Washington, DC) 1989 
  • "Thunderbird I" (USAF Thunderbirds Flying Team Production, Electronic) 1989 
  • "College Hills Mall" (Commissioned, Radio - College Hills Mall, Bloomington, IL) 1989 
  • "Buster's Ghost" (Armed Services Network) 1989 
  • "Doxology & American Tribute" (Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir, Presidential Inaugural, Washington, DC 1989 
  • "Old Glory Will Still Wave" (Radio/Video - Mark Luna - A&M Nashville)/ tribute to 9-11  2001 
  • “Juan More Taco” 30 sec. jingle 2019

Adult Reading

NEW for 2020!


Five people had been mysteriously shot.  The victims were all killed by a single bullet with no trace of where the bullet was fired or came from.  All murders were done in a nightclub setting, and there was no motive for each killing that could be derived.  Each bullet entered the victim’s neck on the left of their thyroid cartilage destroying their eternal jugular vein causing instant death, and each bullet had the victim’s initials engraved on it.


The police and FBI were baffled and wanted to close the case except for Agent Ian Ross.  He was hellbent on finding who was behind these bizarre killings.  Through his investigations he had a hunch there was a mole in the bureau.  Trying to prove this he becomes aware he was a lone wolf, working by himself and enduring strange experiences that he later discovers came from a top secret government file written by aliens.


Ross zeros in on a man named Xerba Nightly, an entrepreneur worth millions.  Nightly is not what the world thinks he is and Ross goes through a living hell trying to find him, losing close friends to unusual murders on his quest.  Ian Ross is a man full of tenacity and fortitude and from his view it seems impossible to stop Xerba Nightly.

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Exciting novels for young adults

"The Girl On The Park Bench"

An average stroll through the park for Troy Creighton was just that - average. Every morning on his way to school he would stop and sit on his favorite bench before entering the high school. It was a good place to think and catch a much needed breath as Troy was born with pulmonary hypertension, a disease that could kill him. Getting through his senior year of high school, in love with the girl down the street, Bessie Turnipseed, and trying to decide what to do with his future were just a few things he would think about.But his thoughts were interrupted one morning when she came along, a beautiful, captivating girl who mysteriously showed up sitting on his secluded park bench, a place he kept to himself. Novita had chosen to meet Troy for her own specific reasons, and when he discovered where she came from and what those reasons were, his mind was blown away. Bizarre accidents and unexpected murders were what followed resulting in a small group of people, privy to Novita’s secret quest, to band together. It was imperative that this group figure out how to save the present world from the impenetrable horror that plagued them, moreover the future of humanity one-hundred years into the future. Troy Creighton was no longer plagued with his own thoughts, but the fate of the world’s future rested upon his seemingly average shoulders now.

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"Only Snowflakes Are Perfect"

Norman came into Thomas Grala’s life the day he travelled back into time. They will never meet, though, as Norman is a Time Teleportation Observer who reads and records Tom’s thoughts discreetly from another dimension. As Norman begins his record, he discovers that Tom has had a deprived adolescence and oddly enough dislikes reading, a hurdle that would need to be overcome. But most importantly he discovers Tom’s undying love for a girl that changed his life in high school. Cathy Capp was unaware of Tom’s love until time brought them together in Paris, France in 1848. It was during his years studying at The Chicago College of Performing Arts that Tom wandered across a mysterious piano shoppe downtown that lured him inside, there to meet its keeper named George (short for Georgia). She would change his and Cathy’s life forever by sending them both back in time from different locations, and both being unaware of the other’s experiences. Not knowing that he was going to meet pianist, Frederic Chopin, Tom continually questions George as to why he was chosen to go back to this specific time. To make the situation even more confusing, Tom saw a woman that he was certain was Cathy. However, Chopin is attracted to her also. But how could Cathy exist when Tom received devastating news that she had died in a plane crash into the Atlantic? There were no survivors.Having accepted that Cathy was dead, Tom determined that he would never go back in time again to try and cope with two issues; her questionable existence and Chopin’s love for her. Over time, Tom healed and he met another girl, Janelle Alexander. A sense of deja vu entered his thoughts the day he wandered into the music store she managed. It was very similar to George’s magical shoppe and unbeknownst to Tom, he would later discover that George was Janelle’s great aunt. Right before his planned marriage proposal to Janelle, a chance meeting with the mystifying George happened, sending a hesitant Tom back to 1848 to find the real truth about Cathy’s death. He contemplates whether he should stay or return to the present and recount his experience to the eagerly awaiting Janelle.

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"Saviors From The Darkest Dark"

Unacquainted students, Paul Cummings and Jennifer Macy were going to be late for French class. Standing together in the high school hallway, outside the classroom, they were unexpectedly thrown into a vacuum of total darkness; not even a pinhole of light penetrated their mysterious prison. What had happened? The intense surrounding created havoc as all energy had been sucked away, and Paul and Jennifer realized there was no way out.They fought desperately not to succumb to their devastating environment. As they overcame dreadful accidents and arduous trials, they emotionally bonded together. There was no telling of time as this blanket of darkness suffocated them and their hopes of surviving. In what seemed to be days, they awoke to find themselves in French class, discovering they had slept through the entire class. What had they been through and why?Their perplexing questions were answered by an enigmatic stranger who claimed to be an Exterrestrial. Through his bizarre explanation, Paul and Jennifer soon learned they were a chosen couple, selected based on their pre-mortal life’s decision, to accept a mission to populate three new Earths in the galaxy. Their experience in the dark prison was a test and a preparation for future journeys they would undertake. With instructions from the director of Examore, one of the administrative planets of the Milky Way, Paul and Jennifer work with the allied forces of Mars and Earth to upend the Dark Underground and the Dark Underground Martians that are trying desperately to rule Earth through their evil propaganda and psychological warfare. Their mission is not only perilous and unpredictable, but unfolds a mystery that has long awaited closure.

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She was beautiful, intriguing, and a talented young girl. Her passion was playing the piano. But the seventeen-year-old Reese Madison wanted more out of life than what her dystopian world had to offer. Her parents’ eminence in science was a target for an unknown enemy, the ELITEs, that wanted nothing more than to destroy the human race. Reese later discovers that their deaths were actually murders. My two colleagues and I were sent to Reese to watch over and protect her against the forces that were taking over. She could not know where I came from or who I was. Unexpectedly, Reese fell in love with me - this was not supposed to happen. As Reese tries her hardest to befriend me, she is consumed with the idea that she must find the truth about her parents’ deaths. There were things of great significance that I had to tell her - news that was devastating to her psyche. I had to tell her who I was. I was not human, but a robotoid. Reese’s first passion is now to survive, and she becomes aware that everyone she comes in contact with is not who they say they are; including her best friend, Amanda, and the rest of her family. Reese must now choose whether to help my group, the U-KNOWs fight a war against the adverse robotoids, the ELITEs, or walk away and not get involved.

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